All band... no instruments.

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We're thrilled to share transit's cover of "Ghost" by Ella Henderson.

All Band, No Instruments…

transit is five singers, that’s it.  Our only instruments are our natural born voices.  Everything you hear from the stage and on our studio recordings begins with the human voice.  Utilizing the latest technology we combine our vocal talents with stage and studio effects to bring our music to life and put on a show that those who have never seen a vocal band will hardly believe.

transit draws on the combined talents of 5 extraordinary individuals who have been a part of the vocal music scene for more than ten years.  Their love for a cappella is second only to their love for music.

Something for Everyone

With a diverse repertoire of music from every decade since the 1950s, transit is sure to please any audience! Including songs by The Beatles, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, the Doobie Brothers, Maroon 5, Christina Perri and many other artists, there’s truly something for everyone!

Combining soaring leads, smooth harmonies, and a thumping rhythm section, transit demonstrates the power, versatility, and emotion of the most natural instrument of all — the human voice.

Upcoming Events

Private Concert

Charlotte, NC
Feb 13 Monday


Rolesville, NC
Feb 10 Friday

Private Events

Cary, NC
Feb 8 Wednesday

Sample Tracks

Below are selected clips from both of our albums.

I’m Outta Love

Another One Bites the Dust

Come Together

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree



Hide and Seek

About Transit

Meet the Vocalists

Amy Pruitt


Amy knew she loved a cappella ever since she participated in an impromptu high school a cappella jam session — when she was only in the fourth grade. In addition to a cappella, she also has extensive performance experience in musical theatre. Her favorite roles? The Witch in Into the Woods and the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat are among her favorites. She returned to a cappella singing in high school, and continued in college with the University of Michigan’s Amazin’ Blue. After moving to the Triangle in 2011 she had a really hard time finding a group to sing with, so she was doing a lot of karaoke just to satisfy the cravings to sing. Then, one day, April heard her singing karaoke one night (Call Tyrone by Erykah Badu, if you were wondering) and asked her to audition with transit — and the rest is history! Today, she graces transit with a high soprano range that is only rivaled by... Carl?!?

April McTaggart


April’s rich, bluesy alto voice brings a dynamic edge to transit’s sound. Her heartfelt passion for vocal music began at an early age as she sang alongside family members in a professional gospel quartet. She quickly became infatuated with mimicking various voice parts and not only did she discover her multi-octave range, she developed an impeccable ear for creating harmonies and blending with other vocalists. April fueled her singing obsession by becoming involved with drastically different vocal groups during her years as a college undergraduate. She sang the high soprano for Handel’s Messiah, Mozart’s Requiem, and other classical and sacred pieces as a member of Duke University’s Chorale and Chapel Choir. She concurrently developed her soulful lower alto voice on pieces from the varied pop repertoire of Lady Blue, one of Duke University’s leading all-female a cappella groups. April became captivated with the a cappella style and the endless capabilities of the human voice. As a member of transit, April is constantly innovating. Be prepared – she may surprise you with what she learns to do next!

James Wallace

Vocal Percussion

With his driving beats and thumping patterns, James is transit’s rhythmic backbone. Having studied piano, drums, and voice from an early age, James began his life in a cappella music as part of a traditional high school quartet. As a member of the Grains of Time at North Carolina State University, he began to experiment with vocal percussion and developed a passion for the vocal band style. Over the course of three years and hundreds of performances, James honed his skills as a vocal percussionist and quickly developed a reputation as one of the most talented “mouth drummers” in the area. Audiences frequently ask James where he stores the drum machine, only to be amazed to learn that EVERY drum sound they hear comes only from his mouth. Since founding transit in 2005, James has performed throughout the United States and has led numerous vocal percussion workshops and master classes.

Carl Taylor


Carl is our resident vocal chameleon (no reference to George Michael). With more than eight years of a cappella experience, Carl can cover just about anything. Whether he’s rocking out on a solo, covering a backing vocal, or filling in for the rhythm section so that Alex or James can shine on a lead, Carl’s on it. Carl is also transit’s vocal effect expert. From muted trumpet to electric guitar and everything in between, Carl’s diverse mimetic abilities are a key component of transit’s band-without-instruments sound. In addition, Carl covers transit’s live sound needs. He’s an expert in the area of live a cappella sound, so he makes sure we sound good wherever we are. A musician from an early age, Carl studied the clarinet (yep that’s right), saxophone, and guitar. He began his career in a cappella with Higher Ground at Appalachian State University and after graduating founded Liquid 5th Productions, a company specializing in live and recorded a cappella music. When he’s not singing with transit, Carl’s off recording or running live sound for collegiate and professional a cappella groups all over the country.

Alex Delaney


As all basses should be, Alex is transit’s melodic anchor, providing support and structure from the bottom. With his booming voice and ridiculously low notes, audiences realize Alex’s presence as they feel their seats rumble. Apart from singing, Alex has a musical background in playing trumpet and clarinet and performing as a drum major. His interest in singing bass began with high school musicals and church choirs, but it was after joining the University of North Carolina Tar Heel Voices (THV) that he began maturing his voice and developing a love for a cappella. Alex was a fresh addition to the group, supplying thunderous vocal lines and a rich quality to the bass section that had been missing. Serving as assistant conductor for THV, Alex developed into a skilled vocal music arranger. He provides many of transit’s most complex and interesting arrangements and is one of the group’s most important musical leaders. He is very thankful for his many performance experiences and is excited for the opportunities to come with transit.

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